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2005-02-17: Software News

All foXdesktop applications and depending libraries have been updated to work with the actual FOX-1.4 (stable). The new releases are:

  • libfoXdesktop 0.2.12
  • foXcontrol 0.2.5
  • foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.7
  • foXdesktop-mimetypes 0.1.2
  • foXman 0.2.4
  • foXcommander 0.0.12
  • 2005-01-31: Software News

    I just downloaded and compiled FOX-1.3.25, and therefore compiled the latest released versions of foXdesktop applications.
    They all work great with FOX-1.3.25.

    We aim to switch to FOX-1.4 as soon as it comes out, which should be very soon. We then plan to develop with the stable release of FOX to support you with more stable foXdesktop applications and environment.

    2005-01-31: Homepage Update
    • introducing myself (Jochen)
    • writing about my point of views and intentions
    • some site formatting
    • new link to the Sourceforge project description page
    2005-01-28: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.11 (stable)
    • ported to gcc 3.3 & gcc 3.4
    • ported to fox 1.3.20, should also work with 1.2 stable branch
    • minor code cleanups
    • new settings which are stored and reloaded
    • attribute dialog partially rewritten

    With this release all foXdesktop applications are up to date.
    Future plans are to write a window manager and an application launcher to complete a minimalistic desktop environment, which is workable and the important basis for future development.

    2005-01-24: Software Update
    foXdesktop-mimetypes 0.1.1 (unstable)
    • ported to gcc 3.3 & gcc 3.4
    • ported to fox 1.3.20, should also work with 1.2 stable branch
    • minor code cleanups
    • minor bugfixes
    • edit dialog enhanced
    2005-01-23: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.11 (stable)
    foXcontrol 0.2.4 (stable)
    foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.6 (stable)
    foXman 0.2.3 (stable)
    • ported the above applications to gcc 3.3 & gcc 3.4
    • ported the above applications to fox 1.3.20, should also work with 1.2 stable branch
    • minor code cleanups
    2005-01-20: foXdesktop has found a new developer
    I just have stepped in to support the development.

    I always have been thinking about developing a desktop environment or advanced windowmanager. There are really nice windowmanagers, but some of them are not usable as I like it or are missing some - for me - basic features. Other systems are nice to handle, but are really slow or unstable or really ugly.

    Regular switches between Gnome, fluxbox, KDE, XFCE, and others to find a fitting desktop environment really sucks. So this was definetly the time to change something!

    So I may not have the high intentions as Mathew or Josua, but want to have a system, which really supports me working and not slowing me down. So my main intentions are to improve this project and add some basic applications, which complete the DE - at least for a basic state. Keeping the Un|x philosophy in mind and knowing that the FOX-toolkit is very, very fast, I think there may be no need for extreme wariness. But i _will not_ develop a all-in-one-hammer-you-down-until-you-are-stunned application like for example konqueror. Not only for speed issues, but particularly for stability issues.

    mailto:Jochen Rassler <>

    2003-05-14: Release 0.0.5 of the FOX extension library!
    Latest release (version 0.0.5) of the Extension Library. This release cleans up the implementation of some of the FXSocket and FXFileIO functionality. It also includes a number of suggestions may by the FOX community.
    2003-02-28: Release 0.0.4 of the FOX extension library!
    Latest release (version 0.0.4) of the Extension Library. This release adds database connectivity with thanxs to Giancarlo Formicuccia. Initial support for connectivity to ODBC databases. More demo/test programs have been added, and class documentation is now automatically generated.
    2002-12-23: Release 0.0.3 of the FOX extension library!
    I have just released version 0.0.3 of the Extension Library. This release incorporates updates to the support of threads. In particular, it integrates functionality to allow the the comminucation between FOX main thread (the GUI thread) to worker threads using the standard FOX messaging system. The release also includes updates to the socket support, including an FXSocketStream, and support for dynamic loading of library files/objects. Some demonstration programs are provided in this release as well, demonstrating the socket and thread support.
    2002-07-08: Release 0.0.2 of the FOX Extension library
    Today I have released the latest version of the FOX Extension library. This release updates the previous release of the extension library with the main addition being threading support under unix and win32.
    Since I never mentioned the initial release :-/ I might as well describe it now...

    The FOX Extension library (FOXEX) is a package built to extend the FOX GUI library in ways which may not be suitable for a GUI library. For example, socket support may not be suitable for FOX, but it falls into the domain of FOXEX.

    The main reason for building the library is to gather the various bits and pieces development by the FOX community (and myself of course), into a single package which can be installed.

    I have found that during the development of various parts of foXdesktop, I needed to create some useful generic functionality. As such, this functionality is being rolled into a seperate package, which other FOX programs (not necessarily foXdesktop programs) can use.

    2001-08-31: foXdesktop has found a new maintainer
    I have volunteered to take over the development of foXdesktop of which Josua seems ok with.

    I agree for the most part that software should be minimal but, I believe that component functionality can really be useful when you consider it from the point of view that a GUI environment is just an extension to the terminal that we know and love...
    As such, there is no need to be extremely minimalistic when it is not necessary to do so. For example, there is no reason to not embed a simple text viewer widget in a file manager, _provided_ that the embedding of that widget, doesn't impact on the performance of the application.

    One particular aspect that I am keen on extending is the concept of a dynamically updatable/configurable desktop. I see a few aspects to this:

    • some form of interprocess communication actually, this will probably take two forms,
      • a light-weight mechanism, such as X Atoms
      • a heavy-weight mechanism, such as TCP sockets
    • a desktop server/controller process for managing the global resources such as the FOX registry
    • a desktop library these are some goals... mailto:Mathew Robertson <>

    2001-07-24: Looking for a new maintainer
    The foXdesktop project is looking for a new maintainer since I have lost interest.
    2001-07-20: Software Update
    foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.5 (stable)
    • Minor code cleanups
    • Some documentation
    2001-07-20: Homepage Update
    • foXcontrol-desktop's documentation was added.
    2001-07-03: Software Update
    foXcontrol 0.2.3 (stable)
    • Some documentation
    2001-07-03: Homepage Update
    • foXcontrol's documentation was added.
    2001-07-01: New Software
    foXdesktop-mimetypes 0.1 (unstable)
    • foXdesktop-mimetypes contains two foXdesktop components:
      1. A foXcontrol-type component being a mime type browser and
      2. A foXcommander-type component with which you can edit a particular mime type and that is invoked from 1) and also embeds itself in foXcommander's file attributes dialogue.
    2001-06-29: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.10 (unstable)
    • The file context menu has been improved.
    • A refresh bug was fixed.
    • Other minor bug fixes.
    2001-06-29: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.10 (stable)
    • An improved default configuration
    2001-06-27: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.9 (stable)
    • New button icons
    2001-06-22: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.9 (unstable)
    • Support for foXcommander-type foXdesktop components
    • Removal of some broken code
    • Minor bug fixes
    2001-06-15: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.8 (stable)
    • A nasty bug was fixed.
    • New audio icons and mime types
    2001-06-09: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.7 (stable)
    • Some new icons
    • An improved default configuration
    • Minor UI issues
    2001-05-16: Homepage Update
    • Some software documentation updates
    • A new links page was added.
    2001-05-16: Software Updates
    libfoXdesktop-0.2.6 (stable) foXcontrol-0.2.2 (stable) foXcontrol-desktop-0.2.4 (stable) foXman-0.2.2 (stable) foXcommander-0.0.8 (unstable)
    • Compatibility with FOX 0.99.172
    • Code cleanups, minor bug fixes
    • Improved documentation
    • Major English language bug fixes ;-)
    2001-04-30: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.7 (unstable)
    • The preferences dialog was rewritten as a foXdesktop component.
    • Bug fixes
    • Code cleanups
    • Finished removal of code that is not necessary for a file manager
    2001-04-27: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.5 (stable)
    • Minor bugfixes.
    2001-04-22: Software Update
    foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.3 (stable)
    • An Ansi C++ violation was fixed.
    2001-04-17: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.6 (unstable)
    • Bug fixes
    • Code cleanups
    • A new logo :-)
    • Continued removal of code that is not necessary for a file manager
    2001-04-13: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.4 (stable)
    • Fixes for two minor bugs.
    2001-04-11: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.5 (unstable)
    • Compatibility with FOX 0.99.167
    • Continued removing code that is not necessary for a file manager
    2001-04-09: Software Update
    foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.2 (stable)
    • A new (yet simple) icons component was added.
    • Four new color schemes :-)
    • Minor Makefile things
    2001-04-05: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.3 (stable)
    • Minor documentation updates
    • Minor GUI improvements ;-)
    2001-04-01: Software Update
    foXcontrol 0.2.1 (stable)
    • Rewrite of crucial code: The number of loadable components now only depends on the available memory.
    • Minor Makefile things
    2001-03-20: Homepage Update
    • Some software documentation was incorporated
    • Various other improvements
    2001-03-17: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.2 (stable)
    • Compatibility with FOX 0.99.165 (the FXIconDict thing)
    2001-03-16: Software Update
    libfoXdesktop 0.2.1 (stable)
    • The license was changed from GPL to LGPL 2.1
    • Some documentation was added
    • Minor Makefile things
    2001-03-10: Software Update
    foXcommander 0.0.4 (unstable)
    • GNU autoconf/automake support
    • Continued removing code that is not necessary for a file manager
    2001-03-09: Software Update
    foXcontrol-desktop 0.2.1 (stable)
    • The colors' component now supports color schemes
    • Minor compatibility issues in the fonts' component
    2001-02-22: Software Update
    foXman 0.2.1 (stable)
    • Compatibility with recent FOX drops (the menubar thing)
    • Some documentation was added
    • The --help option is now supported
    • man's --all option can be used
    • Redirected man's output to foXman's window
    • Other minor things
    2001-01-18: New Software
    foXcommander 0.0.3 (unstable)
    • Derived from X WinCommander 0.91-4 (C) by Maxim Baranov
    • Some ugly hacks to make it compile and run with FOX 0.99.145
    • Radically simplified the copying/deleting... process
    • Removed some code that is not necessary for a file manager
    • Code cleanups, minor changes/improvements...



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