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2005-10-19 — Artwork online(Jochen)

Joshua designed some artworks for the fox desktop environment.

2005-10-09 — Development process(Jochen)

As far as I am still learning for exams, the progress still is very slow. But actually work is done!
I got email from several people with suggestions and ideas for this project. Thanks so far! This helps me very much thinking about the progress and the future plans! Keep on mailing!
BTW, for that we are at this point, any help is appreciated! Ideas, source code contribution,.... and finally icons! If someone is very creative and likes to support me with icons, this really would be a killer job, as I am as creative as a cow is skilled to dance!

2005-09-26 — Roadmap reviewed(Jochen)

I reviewed the project roadmap and set up priority pins. So you can see, what actually is in development state and what will come next.
Feel free to drop me an email or post at the forums to let me know what you would like to see included in the fox desktop environment. Or maybe you want to work on one of these features / applications.

2005-09-13 — New design(Jochen)

As I mentioned before, I restarted the project. This means, I will mostly rewrite and redesign most of the existing code, because the base of this code is about five years old and so not really up to date.
Also the website has a new design, just to show something is going on here ;-)
And, last but not least, just to mention: as this actually is a one man show and my spare time to work on this project is very limited, the progress will only be slow. Feel free to discuss with me: join the mailinglist or post in the public forums. Maybe you want to support me developing the desktop environment and join the project.

2005-09-11 — Project reactivated(Jochen)

I restarted the project. Expect to see more news here soon. Also the CVS repository will hold some of the actual code in the future.

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