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The fast and powerful desktop environment.

Frequently asked questions

    1. General

    2. Development

1. General

1.1 - How is the Fox Desktop Environment licensed? Can I freely download and use FDE?

FDE is free software developed / released under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 and GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1 for the core library.

You can freely download FDE and use it without any limitation. You may not only distribute FDE, but we ask you to do so! You also may change the FDE source code to fit your needs and distribute the changed version under the GNU (Lesser) GPL (see above links about the license to see under which conditions). If you modify FDE to fit your needs or to fix bugs, please feel free to inform us, as far as this changes may be interesting for others and we may include them to our development branch.

1.2 - Why another desktop environment

Why not?

To be more informative: Gnome and KDE for example are very nice desktop environments, but they also have some issues. They are bloated up to a level, not everyone likes. Also they are slow.

Both of the above desktop environments are based "on their own" GUI toolkit, Fox Desktop Environment is also based on "it's own". We aim to develop a fast, powerful and straightforward desktop environment, that fits the needs of the users.

1.3 - Why is the desktop environment named Fox Desktop Environment

Fox Desktop Environment is based on the FOX C++ GUI Toolkit, from which it got it's name.

2. Development

2.1 - How can I join or support Fox Desktop Environment development?t

There are always many things to do:

  • testing and bugfixing
  • packaging
  • writing documentation
  • designing icons for the applications (yes, we plan to implement icon theming!)
  • and last but not least, helping to develop FDE
  • Join the mailinglist or post in the public forums to contact us, where the help is needed most, or what you can do (not everyone can or likes to program)

    2.2 - What are the furutre plans? Where will it go to?

    Have a look at the projects roadmap!

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